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April 28, 2023
Growing Far or Near the Sea

Baby's First Beach Moments

Sand Key Beach Photographer

Starting off life in the womb makes the little ones feel at such peace and soon as they hear the waves. As young as 3 weeks to visit the beach, but this sweet boy was 6 months. Traveling across the country to experience the beach for the first time (in my opinion, the best beach to experience first!). The West Coast waves are so calm and soothing. As a Sand Key Beach photographer, it never gets old seeing those precious babies experience sand between their toes, the salt in their hair, and the seagulls in the sky. Let’s have their first time at the beach remembered.

Nothing but smiles, the rising sun and a salty breeze.

I am happy to help you choose the perfect beach and perfect spot for your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Typical Beach Session Worries

Sand Key Beach Photographer Tips

  • The beach – While there are so many beaches in the Pinellas county area. Sand Key Beach is both gorgeous and less crowded than most of the beaches. There is an ample amount of parking and gorgeous little boardwalks.
  • Styling – Whether its the bold neutrals (as pictured) bright Florida colors or even your classic white and denim. The beach sets an easy back drop to style one. I also have a style guide that will assist you as well.
  • Sunset or Sunrise? – Early riser or just here for those late summer nights. Either one works on the beach depending on the look. This session was bright and early in the morning and done in Fall 2022. Sunrise was near 8am when the parks open. Sunset sessions are better for those little ones who can take the late summer nights or in the Fall they set earlier so no worries on that end!

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